Online Mixing & Mastering.

❑ A sound editing, mixing service.
❑ A mixing & mastering service.
All production is performed with analog and digitals tools.

Hardware : Manley, SPL, Universal Audio
Software : Pro Tools, Logic pro, UAD, Softube, and much more.

Producer / Designer.

Sound track for film, video and multimedia animations.
Sound design websites.
❑ Sound for user interfaces.
Consulting on sound design.

Contact me for more details.



Please send me your files at a minimum of 44.1khz, 24bit, aiff or wav.
Please turn off all mastering plugins.
NO LIMITER on the pre master.
Leave at least -3db headroom on every file.

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If you have a particular sound you wish to capture,
please send me a reference file.

Stem Mixing.

One example of common Stem Groupings :

1. Kick Stem -> Export kick drum alone
2. Bass Stem -> Export bass
3. Drums Stem -> Export drums and percussions
4. Synth Stem -> Export synths
5. Voice Stem -> Export voices
6. Remaining Stem -> Export all other tracks


You can send me your files using my Dropbox or Wetransfer.
(no dropbox or wetransfer account needed)